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Posted by Odilio arys hafidh aziz On Rabu, 18 April 2012 0 komentar

Assalamualikum Wr.Wb
Headmaster and Vice HeadmasterSMKN 11 Semarang
Mr /Mrs Teacher and Officer SMKN 11 Semarang
All my friend in SMKN 11 Semarang

            First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT because of his Blessing. We are able to come attend a farewell ceremony for the student of SMKN 11 Semarang Grade 12 in  the Acedemic year 2011-2012
          Secondly,may sholawat and salam be upon the Prophet Muhammad SAW who has guide us from the darkness into bringhtness
Ladies and Gentle , Brother and Sister in this  Good Opportunity i stand here to represed all the student of SMKN 11 Semarang
            All teacher has make we can  pass the national exam (UN) successfully. Thankyou very much for  dedication. We know  that you  guidance ,motivation, and more. Have made us better not only in thinking but also in attitudes
My teacher we realized that we cannot give you reward.
            We can only give you  gratitudes and pray. May god repay your kindness. May God Always  bless you all .
            Secondly, we would like to apoligize to all the teacher , Administator staff and all element of SMKN 11 Semarang .
Please,for give me our mistake for give all the bad things that we have done hopefully  we can make our attitudes better than.
            Third,especially to our younger brother and sister would like to remind you, keep studying hard and polite to your teacher.
And keep cool be good and be better.
I think that’s all valedictory speech. I’m sorry for all my wrong words.

Thank you for all

Wasslamualikum Wr. Wb
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