Cinema 4d Short Cut

Posted by Odilio arys hafidh aziz On Rabu, 18 April 2012 0 komentar
Inilah sedikit yaang saya ketahui
Selamat ber eksplorasi..
F1     Perspective View
F2     Top View
F3     Right View
F4     Front View
F5     All Views
E     Move Tool
R     Rotate Tool
T     Scale Tool
Space     Toggle Active Tool
CtrlB     Render Settings
CtrlR     Render Active View
ShiftR     Render to Picture Viewer
Manager Windows
ShiftF1     Command Manager
ShiftF2     Materials Manager
ShiftF3     Timeline
ShiftF4     Layer Browser
ShiftF5     Attributes Manager
ShiftF6     Picture Viewer
ShiftF7     Coordinate Manager
ShiftF8     Content Browser
ShiftF12     Command Manager
F6     Play Backwards (toggle)
F7     Stop Playback
F8     Play Forwards (toggle)
ShiftF     Goto End of Animation
ShiftG     Goto Start of Animation
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