Drama bahasa inggris

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haha ini yang buat temenku wahh tuhh anak mang kreatif banget

One day Ki Pandan Arang,Nyi Pandan Arang and her dayang to delegating by Sunan Kalijaga to wander to Tembeyat,Klaten on condition that may not bring the high-value goods although a few little. But Nyi pandan Arang risk to bring the stick which its contents of money and her jewelry.
As a result in the middle of their journey they are blocked by three robber to steal its her jewelry,until happened in place.
Rubber 1            :Hei you all stopped!
Rubber 2            : where are you goin g,sir?
Ki Pandan Arang  : The Monas How much,sir?
Rubber 2            : Two thousand
Rubber3             : Stupid! We this will rubber,not become the bus   conductor! To the point!
                         Where you stick give to me!
Nyi Pandan Arang        : Uhh why?
Rubber3             : for bite the mouse in my home! Yes,for sale is let to rich lah!
Nyi Pandan Arang        : Ohh..
Rubber 1            : Here!(grab)
Nyi                    : Eh-eh! Dayang help me!

After that Rubber3 grabing with Nyi and Dayang.

Nyi                    : Ki help me here! Instead silent!
Ki                     : Huuft..

Nyi and Dayang confused and twirling her lead.
And more they scrambling again

Rubber2             : Uhh,me tired!
Dayang              : Come on! Break yuk! (they break)

Ki only stand up and only twirling her lead (confused)

Ki                     : And last i have spelling out last to you don't bring the jewelry! like this it to be Nyi!
 Nyi                   : Uuhh difficult ki! can you life will be poor? How so if divided now?
 Rubber2            : Okey-okey ( dividing)
Nyi                    :  Hey all many of you? we are a so little!
Dayang              : Wah,That’s not fair! okey this make all of you! huhh
Nyi                    : Uhh okey this all for you ! merely is gravel and  a little money  I get search it!
 Let our ki! to be continue journey.
Ki                     : Oke!
Dayang              : Bye-bye!
3Rubber             :bye too dhaahhhhhh!

And then they continue there journey and after then for long ago to for along ago the civilian make name this place the name is Salatiga. The mean is 3 rubber which false or salah tiga.
the end
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